Safety Corner

There seems to be some confusion about whether or not someone may tie-off to the cranes hoist line.

Well actually this subject has been address in the 2010 OSHA 1926 CC federal crane standard and it is a very substantial change from past regulations.

OSHA states the following about “anchoring the crane’s load line”

“A personal fall arrest system is permitted to be anchored to the crane/derrick’s hook, or other part of the load line.”

Here are a few of those requirements

  • A qualified person has determined that the crane set-up and capacity of the crane, including all rigging and attachments’ either meets or is greater than the requirements in OSHA 1926.502. This standard states the criteria for anchorages of personal fall arrest systems, (in particular that the anchorage points must be capable of sustaining a minimum load of 5,000 lbs.).
  • The operator has to be informed that the load line/hook is being used as a tie-off point for the workers.
  • The operator has to be informed when the load line/hook is no longer being used as a tie-off point.
  • The operator has to be present on the jobsite while anyone is tied- off to the hoist line or hook. (My recommendation would be that the operator of the crane has to be at the controls of the crane at all times.)
  • No other loads are to be suspended from the crane when someone is tied off to the hoist line or hook.

I hope this helps clear up this issue.


Co-Safety Officer